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Look what Dave Blog publis actuallyhing on Flickr page him: for the Tech Tips Cartoon art of aspiring !

This particular actually is actually a lthe itemtle surpris actuallying how to book cartoons via way back in 1923 by cartoonis actuallyt B. "screw" Knight.

in only 29 pages he teaches aspiring professional artis actuallyts how to draw a caricature of the old way fees! Some pages are tacky as well as not very useful today, however more importantly, this actually book features a basic building blocks of solid rock to learn how to draw the "Bigfoot" inside old cardboard printing 2oth century style early.

Threads include:

  • Expressions
  • How Drawing the has well ass of (This particular actually page is actually truly great!)
  • hats, shoes, wrinkles (as is actually the case inside clothing as well as fabrics)
  • lessons in drawing KIDS as well as ANIMALS
  • how to draw backgrounds
  • as well as even a lthe itemtle on the Lettering cartoon

Warning: There are some old- school sensthe itemive material racis actuallyt over here. What people think the item is actually funny as well as then returned just makes people mad today. I do not say I did not warn you!

to read the whole book inside form of a slide show , (as well as I think the item's easier to read of which way)

Click on:

Thanks, Dave!

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