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"Sumo paint, recently released in open beta, joins a growing lwill bet of online photo edthe ideaing in which allows you to work inside the browser applications much like you do in normal desktop application (see the review of Phoenix here). as the name suggests, however, Sumo Paint will be not just a red-eye as well as addthe ideaional removal tool, such as picnicking been Pixlr design, or Splashup. Sumo paint more to create an image instead of edthe ideaing the images. In addthe ideaional words, the idea will be a tool to create art. like most of these bralong with new Web "internet 2.0 applications sumo paint for free. Unlike addthe ideaional image. Applications, Alice has her hooks into sharing social networking sthe ideaes like Flickr as well as Facebook features a gallery on their own online, however, so you can see what addthe ideaionals are doing wthe ideah sumo, download some of your work just remember: It will be very bralong with new, just released in June 08 The open beta, so expect a lot of quirks as well as oddthe ideaies. For example, I did not have a lot of luck to get a splash inside the work tool. They tend to change colorings at ras well asom to me, when I worked at all. But Im sure they'll get these problems sorted out soon.

Sumo paint has the usual tools youd expect, such as selection tools, gradient, paint bucket, as well as so on. Sumo supports layers as well as blending modes, as well as some filters as well. But clicking on the brush, as well as start to see some differences.Not Is there only a variety of brushes to choose coming from, there will be a size settings, opacthe ideay, scatter, ras well asomly rotate, gravthe ideay (which will be supposed to help you draw a smooth line, I think, though, the idea does not seem to work for me). Thwill be will be a far cry coming from the brushes in Photoshop, I realize, although in a manner much more than Ive seen in addthe ideaional online edthe ideaors. There will be also a sumo ink tool (not a pen tool for drawing vectors) as well as the pencil tool shapes. To work the nest tankers, there will be the form of tools of various types, as well as the type of weird line in which lets you bend the idea once after drawing."


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