How to create a glare effect in Photoshop


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learn how to create a glow effect on your form in Adobe Photoshop! Will cover thwill be tutorial using the pen tool to create a path that will glows will follow, in addition to also then covers using Layer Styles interior to create in addition to also brightens the outside

tools used in thwill be tutorial .:

Pen tool: Ah, tool pen. Photoshop users ethe ideaher love or hate. If you are looking to create custom shapes (or selections), you'll want to learn the ins in addition to also outs of thwill be tool. Will simple clicks to create polygonal shapes (straight edges), while the click in addition to also / drag will allow you to create curved lines

Layer Styles: If you are looking to add effects to your layers, you'll want likely to use layer styles. Whether the idea's outer glow, put a lthe ideatle of the shadows, or bevel to give the idea depth, in addition to also the possibilthe ideaies are endless

layer masks: If there's your class that will you want to hide the space (or restart), will layer masks help you doing that will. Painting using black brush in addition to also hide parts of the layer, in addition to also painting wthe ideah whthe ideae brush will reveal them. It can also be used shades of whthe ideae in addition to also black

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