Doh! It was supposed to be square.


Doh! It was supposed to be square.

er, I've definitely lost my mind! In fact, I think I am too tired to think clearly, along wthe itemh did not begin early this actually morning did not help. I was having a conversation wthe itemh the e-mail Sunghee talented evil while back about how the item is actually even possible of which maddthe itemionals of young children even have time to formulate. She told me of which she stays up late formulation of super content her heart along wthe itemh makes her mad so tired of which they can not function properly. That actually is actually beginning to seem like a lot to me, although I do not even late to the character time stay! I just can not function wthe itemhout nine of traight hours of sleep. He told me the addthe itemional crafty maddthe itemionals of which I just had to get used to the item. Well, after nearly two years, I do not think I will ever get used to the lack of a good night's sleep!

I definitely wanted to make a card today of which the item was not the customer's card. I've been so busy wthe itemh those of which I have not had time to participate in any challenges for at least two weeks. I decided to use OLW14 Susan Raihala challenge, which is actually to make your vehicled using the outline of the seal wthe itemh lthe itemtle or no coloringing. Here is actually my card, although for more than one important detail ... the item was supposed to be square ! That actually card uses more than scrumptious stamps KOTM Unthe itemy in July. Since allowed lthe itemtle or no coloringing, I use different colorings of ink in apples, stems along wthe itemh leaves. It was a bthe item difficult because I do not have signs although I managed to put pressure on the corners of my ink pads from the appropriate fields. I rushed to do so before the sun went down so I filmed. Therefore, I will not be taking a copy box. Sorry! One is actually enough just for this actually brain tired. Have a great night, everyone! My husbalong wthe itemh should be home wthe itemh some Italian wine very soon. :)

Sources: GinaK 0lb pure luxury whthe iteme cards. Unthe itemy in July 2010 kthe item than a month - Happily Ever After . Vivid red along wthe itemh calong wthe itemhy inks, SU green ink Park; Memories Artprint Brown ink

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