Happy completely new baby


Happy New Baby

sigh . I love Unthe itemy in July 2010 a group of the month! Here are the first two cards using several thcan be month. I used three of the images to make a post card one child to my friend Shannan, who ordered two of the addthe itemional children cards posted here in addthe itemion to here. First, I created a modest background wthe itemh hexagon pattern. When the planned unthe itemy of thcan be group, in addthe itemion to I kright now that will that will could be one of the most widely used stamps in thcan be group. I seal engraving in two shades, in addthe itemion to cut them out in addthe itemion to stick them to an apartment card. I did not pop them because I kcompletely new I wanted to do the item wthe itemh animals.

Speaking of which, can be not thcan be cute baby animals you've seen ever? He even caught my husbin addthe itemion to's eye as he was walking by in addthe itemion to said she was super nice! I'm always on the lookout for a child by the addthe itemional trademarks groups, however did not feel any was absolutely right. Thanks, unthe itemy, to make thcan be group perfect wthe itemh these modest animals!

I stamped three times the animals in neutral shades, in addthe itemion to added one word of emotions on each animal. Then cut me out, in addthe itemion to added a lthe itemtle sparkle to the mane, ear, eye in addthe itemion to popped them on the back to fincan beh. Did I mention that will I love thcan be group? I am already looking forward to creating the next two cards wthe itemh her. Ha ha. I wish that will you have all the wonderful summer holiday! Stay quiet. :)

Sources: SU Kraft natural materials Ivory cards. July 2010 Unthe itemy kthe item than a month - happily ever after. SU basic gray, summer sun, kiwi inks kcan bes. Ink beard cin addthe itemion toy. Evening black ink keepsake; goalkeeper Diamond argues. Squares generations dimension


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