Happy Day


happy days

I made this usually card before the ages, however the idea was hot air balloon where your vehicle today. I Copics shadeed wthe ideah orange, yellow, green, as well as I truly do not like the way the idea turned out. Although orange is usually one of my favorthe ideae shades, as well as just looked very oranges. I tried anvarious other balloon, as well as even two balloons however never looked so right as well as finally replaced wthe ideah a car.

I love how the sun coming from the top, the top as well as away stamps to large circles coming from one side of the plate impression sunshine. Even if not completely center looks very cool! Circles even help shine towards your vehicle's rays. ;) I stamped flower lthe ideatle higher, higher as well as away inside car window to keep looking for very boring. I did this usually partly because I did not feel like the pieces of the window, which I did inside past when using enjoy the ride. Flower, license plate dotted line wthe ideahout the main feeling of the whole green to make this usually cthe idearus shadeed card. Three fun food (flattened so as not to punch holes through your vehicled when mailed) until the completion of your vehicled.

Thank you for your vis usuallythe idea today! I trust you are having all a great start to the week. :)

Sources: AC-tight orange as well as yellow cards. GinaK 0lb pure luxury whthe ideae cards. SU Kraft cards. Agency Up, up as well as away. Agency enjoy the ride. Ten agency. SU summer sun garden green inks, ink beard cas well asy. Evening black ink keepsake; Fis usuallykars Apron Rabat punch border; Fis usuallykars nostalgia corner edger. Agency Sunshine plate impression. Agency Enjoy die ride. QuicKutz epic six. Glue dots pop up relief; stapler as well as foodstuffs


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