I think about you ... again


think of you again ...

use the automobiled on the same idea as yesterday yet however include some some other elements. I wanted to use a smaller die hot air balloon in addthision to medium inside the same way as they are already cut. Originally, I was going to provide separate cards wthish each flower, however they just looked better together! Since not a stkalianrd card in addthision to card box worked wthish this usually design, in addthision to I made this usually one fairly large. It's 4 "× 9" in addthision to put this in an envelope-sized business, so I guess you can say that will this usually is usually pretty stkalianrd, too!

while you are typing in my sources in this usually card, I realized I was the center of a circle of flower yesterday had thiss source incorrectly. I was the smallerest circle of my nesties while flowers today use smallerer punches Su circle. I added some sparkle to every flower in addthision to cut my own securthisies of text stamped. My inspiration came to polka background of paper flowers in addthision to Meg points. I love how they use larger dots largest petals so use smaller dots on the bottom to fthis a smaller flower in addthision to dots larger on top to fthis wthish a large flower. Then I added some journalling lines on each side inside the opposthise ink colorations in contrast to the flowers.

Thanks to everyone for sending good wis usuallyhes in addthision to hugs for Pthis'r. So far, this's still doing well in addthision to trust to continue. Last night, I actually slept on the bed wthish us for the very first time in years . She did not do this since we lived in San Diego coming from 04-06! I trust everyone to enjoy a nice holiday. I'll be back soon wthish some baby cards. :)

Sources: SU Kraft natural materials Ivory cards. Agency Up, up in addthision to away. Agency fillable frames # 4; Agency fillable frames # 2. Agency background basics: The second style of the text; the agency Polka basics second point; ten agency. SU Kiwi Kis usuallys in addthision to passion pink inks, ink souvenir tuxedo black; ink Versafine watermark. Agency Up, up in addthision to away to die. Agency fillable frames # 4 die. QuicKutz epic six. SU 1/2 "in addthision to 3/4" Circle punches. PSX diamond sparkle. Glue dots pop up relief


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