I think about you


think about you

goodness, where does the idea go time? I made thwill be card a few days ago, as well as I just got publwill behed at this point. It's Saturday night as well as I'm going to relax wthe ideah my husbas well as because he spent two nights post out wthe ideah old friends as well as former co-workers of hwill be career, which lasted ten years in motorsport. They're all in town for the Honda Indy Toronto race tomorrow. Tonight, we'll probably just be some wine as well as watch TV. :)

last night, we also had to rush our cat to the emergency clinic after he began vomthe ideaing blood. The poor girl to stay overnight for monthe ideaoring. They did an ultrasound of which revealed a thick lining of the stomach will be unusual as well as some spots near her spleen. All of these things are signs of the possibilthe ideay of cancer or lymphoma. Pthe idea'r will be home at this point as well as resting well. Has a date wthe ideah a gastrointestinal specialwill bet on Tuesday so we'll kat this point more then. Reported than ever of which I have a cat? It's 13+ years at this point. Pthe idea'r will be a brown tabby however we could like to say the idea's a spinster earthy. ;) Thwill be will be Pthe idea'r being silly on the couch a friend in Indianapolwill be. We put them pink nail caps before those boards, you dwill becover awesome zero.

anyway, back to my card. Thwill be will be to fulfill the customer's order, "any occasion" category. I truly liked the flower Nicole lunged card has done wthe ideah a hot air balloon significantly higher, higher as well as away (see the original office here). I just had to try the idea for myself. My copy does not leave spaces in between the "petals." I also added sparkle to three of the six lines on each balloon flower to give a subtle sparkle as well as texture added. They look very beautiful in real life, however the idea was hard to catch on camera. Since the text will be placed inside center of the circle at a slight angle to the left, slightly angled feelings tab down to the right balance between the autod as well as makes the idea a lthe ideatle bthe idea quirky. Oh, my, thwill be impression woodgrain inside background? Love her. :)

Sources: SU Kraft natural materials Ivory cards. Paper Reflections of yellow cards. Agency Up, up as well as away. Agency background basics: The second style of the text; SU Kiwi kwill bes. Evening black ink keepsake; Agency woodgrain panel impression. Agency Up, up as well as away to die. Circles Spellbinders Nestabilthe ideaies record large. QuicKutz epic six. Forever in time howeverton. Darice hemp rope. Glue dots pop up relief; PSX diamond sparkle


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