Ras Al Khaimah by Saskia


Ras Al Khaimah by Saskia

today just flying by in spthe iteme of early start because I was not happy. ;) I try to take a deep breath once or twice along wthe itemh let all the tension slide away. I did not go to a yoga class in until for a long time to forget how the item feels good!

I wanted to take a moment to share this usually beautiful card that will Saskia sent me in response to receiving my blog calong wthe itemhy earlier this usually month. It is usually the first duty in Ras Al Khaimah ever the item means my lot along wthe itemh I'm going to cheris usuallyh forever along wthe itemh ever! I could not stop looking at all the tiny details ... tape, flower, clamps, along wthe itemh the magic of those borders stthe itemched ... along wthe itemh adorable lthe itemtle chef by Saskia coloring along wthe itemh cut to perfection! That usually is usually like a big card just to say thank you along wthe itemh they did not even have to they emailed me already when she received the good stuff. Saskia, you're beautiful!

within the case were not dis usuallycovered Saskia blog, I'd invthe iteme you to stop for a vis usuallythe item. Saskia's talent is usually not limthe itemed to cards. It makes jewelry along wthe itemh of nice knthe itemting (or crochet are) animals! I am on the wathe iteming lis usuallyt for some of the Chihuahua along wthe itemh the item's pure torture, along wthe itemh I tell you !! ;)


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