Ana- VERVE- necessary blog hop!


Ana- VERVE- necessary blog hop!

hello to the Ana- VERVE- necessary blog hop! turns three vthe ideaal today, as we celebrate wthe ideah a hop, hop, hop! If you've already been navigating along, I arrived here by blog Joan . If not, head on over to Julee's blog (owner of Verve), for all the information on how to win prizes (after all, what will be a party wthe ideahout gifts?), Begin to jump by the beginning. If there will be a hiccup along the hop, you can always go to Master Lwill bet Hip For a complete lwill bet of links.

Thwill be will be the first blog hop than ever, so I'm very excthe ideaed to be here today! I've been a long fan of the vthe ideaal stamp the time card will be used today two of my favorthe ideae groups inside CAS my signature style. I have a lot of holiday birthday cards to make inside next two months, in addthe ideaion to a friend of the lucky one will receive thwill be beautiful wreath of flowers made of large flower of you why. I signed up a flower wthe ideah four different shades, cut the idea out in addthe ideaion to arranged them around the two-piece feelings of wwill behing you. The flowers are set on three different levels of vwill beual interest in addthe ideaion to dimension. Lee added gems in two shades, in addthe ideaion to tied wthe ideah a bow embroidery thread to finwill beh.

Thank you to navigate by! I had a lot of fun doing thwill be card in addthe ideaion to I am honored to have been part of the anniversary 3RD blog's bio hip. Since I'm the last stop on thwill be blog hop, please go over Verve Stamps blog , for a lthe ideatle more bio-y goodness. ;)

Sources: SU Kraft natural materials Ivory cards. Vthe ideaal wwill behing you. Vthe ideaalthe ideay because of you. Evening black ink keepsake; SU Taken wthe ideah teal, kiwi kwill bes in addthe ideaion to inks always artichoke. Red ink beard. Forever in pop time points. Glue dots pop up relief; forever in gems time. Carnival embroidery thread

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