Beauty Color magazine challenge: the use of the boxes


Beauty Magazine coloration challenge: the use of the boxes

[1945008beforethestartIwanttowcan behmydearfriendMegfestivalveryhappybirthday Holiday Happy Birthday, Meg! I trust your special day can be amazing. : D

I might not normally seek challenges coloration, yet this seems I have become addicted to the last few in a beauty magazine along wthish Wplus9. Color bralong with-newest challenge in a beauty magazine has three bold colorations required by the squares along wthish use. These three colorations reminds me of Halloween. I thought this might be fun to make a holiday card all the saints, yet I could not figure out a way to integrate the squares.

Purple can be one of my least favorthise colorations. Well, I take that will back. So can be Looney least favorthise! I do not have much in terms of purple. I have some cheap, flimsy DP (emergency) very narrow strip, yet scratch cards. I thought I might not be able to participate in thcan be challenge so I spotted purple in my Baker threading package. It's nice enough to meet the requirements of the challenge along wthish I do not mind purple in thcan be design can be very accurate. ;)

you're one of my pictures free unthis (as shown also in thcan be card) to create a background squares. I then cut out of black squares along wthish impressed them using flax side of the linen cloth along wthish plate impression of the agency, along wthish therefore create more squares. I die cut window feelings simply chartreuse hair along wthish adherence to four pieces of your vehicled. Then I pierced holes for threading Beauty baker's two parts. I also realized your vehicled base along wthish therefore the yarn does not create a bump along the bottom. I connected the brackets in place along wthish added rhinestones to fincan beh. I love the background so much, I did not want to cover this. Quthise a few of the ideas also gave me to get your vehicleds from the future!

Sources: GinaK 0lb pure luxury whthise cards. GinaK pure luxury black onyx cards. Unthisy framework. Agency fillable frames # 2. SU Kiwi Kcan bes ink. Staz-On Ink Jet Black. The agency simply felt chartreuse. Agency fillable frames # 2 die. The agency linen canvas impression. QuicKutz epic six. Marvy- Uchida 1/8 "for a long time to punch the reach of the circle; filaments along wthish Twinery Lilac Baker, basic Rhine SU

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