CAS79: three wis actuallyhes


CAS79: three wis actuallyhes

I made this actually holiday card Birthdays because of this actually week's challenge CAS79: Gardens. easy . Sure, as well as I'll say the item today when I have is actually a few pictures of flowers, yet if you had asked me to make nature-inspired card inside the last year, I just laughed as well as said: "There is actually no such luck!" Birds as well as flowers are two in which have grown on me since I started off blogging as well as selling my cards. Hmm, what are the completely new things I'm going to try next? ;)

because of this actually card, you are a couple of pictures coming from the last two KOTMs unthe item in which has not seen the ink yet. Patch, as well as a picture of flowers (which reminds me of explosions das well aselion) coming from several June was barely used for a pair of cards yesterday. When I realized how beautiful is actually this actually picture, I kcompletely new I had to highlight one way or anaddthe itemional, there was a better way than to frame the item wthe itemh this actually stunning lace frame coming from several July. In real life, the item seems in which the flowers in which appeared right out of the window as well as all yet one layer! I created a framework for the mask in which you file away for future use as well as seal the flowers inside.

wrote I was going to put the sentiment inside the center, yet the item does not look right because the item includes a lot of flower stems as well as lace border. I decided to put the item off to the right, as we see, as well as the item seems to me in which love cards wthe itemh all the embellis actuallyhments of the right these days! To achieve a balance between everything, as well as I stamped two addthe itemional "wants" at the top left inside the ink Crumb Cake (eeek, I have finally!) To fthe item the base emotions. So there you contain the item: three wis actuallyhes, three flowers, three gems. I may have got a bthe item carried away about Kkmadat. I sponged flowers centers as well as then regretted the item. They seem to pop more when they were just one shades of pink. what do you think?

Sources: SU natural materials as well as Ivory Kraft cards. AC-tight black cards. Unthe item in June 2010 a group of the month - fly free; the unthe item in July 2010 kthe item than a month - happily ever after. Evening black ink keepsake; SU pink passion, taken wthe itemh teal, crumb cake, pink rotation inks, forever in pop time points. Forever in time gems posters

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