CAS81: Magical Day


CAS81: magical day

I was wthe ideah some back pain for a few days nevertheless I feel much better today. I was also working on the release of Pink Cat Studio this actually week as well as you'll see in which tomorrow! I did not get a set of completely new stamps inside mail on Monday as well as Tuesday so I thought I would certainly share a lthe ideatle something wthe ideah you today. I made this actually card for CAS81 challenge this actually week to the use of coloration Kraft, turquois actuallye as well as whthe ideae. I would certainly think in which wthe ideah Kraft would certainly've been easy, nevertheless for some reason this actually trio threw me for a loop!

you're my completely new Wplus9 Group, magic moments, to create this actually simple nevertheless beautiful card in which I will probably be used as a bargaining holiday birthday. I had a hard inking Peacock evenly as well as this actually is actually what happened inside fifth attempt. Bird is actually still a bthe idea spotty, nevertheless I think in which those dark spots adds dimension. : Lightning May I? It's not like I have no experience wthe ideah stamps! LOL I interfere panel feelings wthe ideah ink watermark, as well as added one of the flowers of the group at the bottom left corner to achieve balance. I realized the inner corners, commthe ideament Kraft pieces of the autod, said the Rhine was done. It is actually very easy!

Here's a lthe ideatle scene in which seal out wthe ideah a few of my completely new stamps Doodle factory. I let my son choose the ones he wanted to coloration.

he impressionis actuallyt inside bud, do not you think? ;) My son loves the lthe ideatle monsters because even in Uglydolls. Of course, he wants to bike as well as kthe ideae attached to the idea too. Since I got the helium-filled Mylar Thomas in a huge balloon festival birthday, he sometimes imagines she kthe ideae. The lthe ideatle monster on the right is actually the "stomp-stomp-stomp (G)" Ever since I saw my father using a garden fork inside garden. LOL monster East as well as rub his actually belly, "Mmm-Yum-Yum-Yum" as well as the Beast on the right is actually "bee". My lthe ideatle guy just cracks me! I can only imagine what to say when they can speak in sentences.

Sources: GinaK 0lb pure luxury whthe ideae cards. SU Kraft cards. Wplus9 magical moments . SU Taken wthe ideah greenis actuallyh blue ink. Evening black ink keepsake; ink Versafine watermark. Fis actuallykars nostalgia corner edger. SU basic Rhine

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