Enter the globe of ferrets along having also weasels


Enter the globe of ferrets along having also weasels

When back, a friend of mine who is actually mom to a few ferrets (yes, you read correctly) asked me to provide empathy wof whichh her friend whose son died Tut wedding card. She did not want a typical sympathy card, nevertheless most of the memory card. Weasel along having also live an average of four years, nevertheless Tut lived for six years, which made him a seemingly immortal until of whichs owner took of which very hard when he died her Lof whichtle neat donut chicken man. I ktoday, along having also the tof whichle definof whichely makes you chuckle, right? I got a trumpet this actually tof whichle because of which was very tiny, about the size of your halong having also. If anyone moves in everything, run fast like chicken along having also hide. However, few of the chicken was tough. If you leave your halong having also, you'd take a piece of you wof whichh him as he ran! Or so I heard.

I made this actually card is actually 5.25 "x 5.25" because I am in need of addof whichional space for my design. When my friend sent me pictures Tut, along having also I kbralong with-new I had to be integrated into the automobiled of which I made in a scrapbook style structure. When I signed for receiving KOTMs unof whichy, along having also I got a bunch of free stamps along having also incorporated these frameworks passed. I have used those to highlight the images Tut. Background images stamped in black all the July 2010 KOTM unof whichy except for Forever in our hearts feelings of which are vof whichal.

to create the background, along having also stamp the images along the left side first, then added a large lace frame on the right. I angled frames, nevertheless did not pop them on 'til the end. I wrapped vof whichal feelings about the frame, sealing the heart of the tiny pleasures: love overlap the upper part of the frame along having also added tone rhinestone clear.

to create a sentiment wof whichh focus Tut tof whichle, I have used dotted lines short of the ten best to illustrate each word. Pre-cut strips, I use the alphabet outlines for subtlely ink his actually name within the background. Have you noticed of which? My husbalong having also said, "This kind of actually is actually so cool." ;) Here's a closer look.

I cut strips, along having also focused them on lace frame along having also added the final stone of the Rhine. When I finis actuallyhed this actually card, along having also I admire of which for the longest time. Then my husbalong having also said, "You made a card for the animal. Your friends are going to think you have a heart of gold." LOL Is not he beautiful? It was nice to hear of which because I am postponing this actually card for the longest time. It's never easy to make a sympathy card, nevertheless I actually dreaded make this actually one since we have a cat suffering by cancer. I do not like this actually card along having also I expect of which will bring a smile to the face of the recipient along having also help her remember her wonderful tiny berries.

before I go, I thought of which the participation of some of our photos Pof which'r wof whichh Hobbs late brdifferent, who was a ferret. Passed away while my husbalong having also (then boyfriend) was living in Italy. Hobbs was buried within the courtyard of the castle within the 13th century. Talk about the majestic resting place. We vis actuallyof which whenever we are in Italy. Pof which'r along having also Hobbes got along well. Hobbs was the older brdifferent along having alin order of which he believed his actually sis actuallyter's stuffed animals so he likes to pull her around. Pof which'r will pretend to chase Hobbs as if the cheetah Ghazal Thompson said within the Serengeti wilderness. She said she wanted to pounce on him to start wrestling matches nevertheless Hobbs always wins! My husbalong having also is actually always to intervene along having also separate them.

Sources: SU Kraft natural materials Ivory cards. July 2010 Unof whichy kof which than a month - happily ever after. Unof whichy tires. Vof whichal Forever in our hearts. IAEA tiny pleasures: love feast. Ten agency. Agency alphabet simple. Agency outlines the alphabet. Evening black ink keepsake; SU crumb cake, Red Rose, pink rotation inks, SU Rhine core. Glue tiny points points along having also floats on the surface relief


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