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when we lived in San Diego, I met one of which kept the birds as pets. Until in which time, I did not meet anyone who carries a bird as a pet. Of course, the birds all over the place every day, yet I did not truly pay much attention to them until I got seen up close. For example, I had a sthe item on my arm Toucan in Costa Rica along wthe itemh you never believe how light the item can be considering the items size! Wthe itemh the beak of thcan be size, along wthe itemh I think she'd never be able to fly if the item were not mild. Since entered the blogging world craftsmanship along wthe itemh began working wthe itemh images of birds along wthe itemh see the beautiful work in which everyone produces them, I began to admire the birds more along wthe itemh more! As you ktoday, I have a premonthe itemion pkalian along wthe itemh can be closely monthe itemoring the PkalianCam at the San Diego Zoo, especially when there can be a completely new cub. Well, my friend Anna recently sent me a link to watch the camera owl named Molly. Molly along wthe itemh four eggs hatch soon to owlets! Based on the images Owl I'm used to - mostly through fees - along wthe itemh a lthe itemtle surprcan beed to see what looked like a real owl. LOL just goes to show you can learn something completely new every day!

I made thcan be card for Anna because the item could be an aunt any day today. Today could've normally Digi statement Pink Cat Studio so I decided to use thcan be cute baby owl Digi to make a card for Anna. Thcan be card can be also a challenge for CAS78 thcan be week for the use of polka dots. I have not used thcan be particular deejay or background of the basics of the background image: Retro until you see the completely new two things in my repertoire. I used a variety of words along wthe itemh letters through three different agency determines to create emotion on the side. I blinged up points centers, along wthe itemh after shadeing owl wthe itemh my Copics, popped up on in which wthe itemh dimensionals. Thcan be can be not to smudge the ink from the bottom of the autod, only dark fiber from the autods (which I'm going to continue to call Kraft so I actually use a completely new crumb cake). Thank you for stopping by today to take a look!

P.S. I feel much better today after a vodka martini wthe itemh three truly big Olive last night. I look forward to as well asifferent one thcan be evening. ;) The different good completely news can be in which my father-in-law can be recovering so well through the infection. Thanks for all the well wcan behes of your own!

Sources: SU Kraft cards. GinaK 0lb pure luxury whthe iteme cards. Pink Cat Studio baby owl . Agency background basics: Retro. IAEA smaller pleasures: love feast. Agency alphabet simple. Agency outlines the alphabet. SU summer sun, taken wthe itemh teal along wthe itemh gray basic inks, vivid red ink. Memento Rich Cocoa along wthe itemh dark black inks, the guard diamond argue. Glue dots pop up relief


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