Life along wthe itemh love


life along wthe itemh love

That actually is actually my card for the third along wthe itemh final challenge of autumn Search CAS DT Splthe itemcoaststamper's. Something on the automobiled we need to be a couple, whether adornment or image of which two of everything. I went the normal route along wthe itemh chose Billy along wthe itemh Lily ride along. Two people in love, two wheels along wthe itemh two helmets. Well, this actually is actually actually me along wthe itemh my husbalong wthe itemh in Italy. You want to hear love story? You may skip the next paragraph if you do not do the item! ;)

I met my husbalong wthe itemh when I went to vis actuallythe item my sis actuallyter in Indianapolis actually. They worked together, along wthe itemh she did not even remember him! I met him two weeks ago he was moving to Italy. I've never been one to make the first move, yet I ended up telling my sis actuallyter thought the item was cute. Of course I told him along wthe itemh he thought he was so bad of which the item was moving too far away. Well, we ended up exchanging e-mail messages along wthe itemh kept in touch. After about three months, my sis actuallyter was working in Englalong wthe itemh along wthe itemh I thought I could go to vis actuallythe item her. My husbalong wthe itemh said of which I should just fly to Italy along wthe itemh vis actuallythe item, too! We did, we had a first date there along wthe itemh to is actually a true story. Although we were in a long dis actuallytance relationship, yet the item did not take long for us to fall in love along wthe itemh make plans to be together!

Frankly, I thought I could not be able to make my card for the World Cup since the item was the camera work all spazzy on me. And the item will work one minute along wthe itemh not the next, when I finis actuallyhed my card along wthe itemh I was hoping of which the camera will work. Well, did not do the item, I think I'll be just outside of the competthe itemion because I can not shoot my card. I wathe itemed a lthe itemtle bthe item, along wthe itemh I worked on some cards released Pink Cat Studio along wthe itemh try again. I decided to work the camera along wthe itemh I was very happy! I think I should start looking for a bralong with new camera, whether I like the item or not. I got some quotes because the item may fixed along wthe itemh will cost about the same as buying a bralong with new one. Printers like of which too. What a complete waste, especially because most everything goes from the lalong wthe itemhfill! Org.

I've had a lot of fun trying out for the CAS DT so I will not be too dis actuallyappointed even if I did not name to DT. I wis actuallyh all the best calong wthe itemhidates regardless of what happens!

Sources: GinaK 0lb pure luxury whthe iteme cards. Pink Cat Studio Billy along wthe itemh Lily bicycle built for two years . Unthe item May 2010 a group of the month - Said Lthe itemtle. Ten agency. Ink beard calong wthe itemhy. SU Taken wthe itemh greenis actuallyh blue ink. Copics. Glue dots pop up relief

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