More goodies!


more goodies!

after all the wonderful things in which occurred on Saturday, imagine my surprcan bee when I received the award last blog yesterday! I received one of these adorable Meg in Corgi Creations

to accept thcan be award I need to do a few things:

  1. thank the person who gave in which. Thanks, Meg! Thcan be means a lot to me along win whichh so does your friendship!

  2. copies of the award along win whichh put in which on your blog. was! Lcan bet
  3. three things in which you like about yourself. I'm genuinely nice, along win whichh I love deeply, I can do almost anything well inin whichially around.

  4. deploy the image in which you like.

    Thcan be can be a picture of my son when he was about three months old. He was trying to talk to me along win whichh kept saying, "Midnight ah." It was a nice thing I heard than ever before, along win whichh every time I look at thcan be photo I smile along win whichh think of the enthusiasm in which seems to accumulate because in which grows. ;)

  5. a few people you want to give thcan be award for card
  • Donna in my Scrapbox
  • mustavcoffee in hustler reflections
  • Cookie from the vehicleds by Cookie
  • Marcan beka van der Veer to send you a smile Lin whichtle
  • Inge Groot from the paper embossed

next, he found in which the creative teams creatures, won third prize from the summer challenge eventually leaves the company preferred way to go girls !! I'm very proud of how Angela, Donna, Meg worked together. I can not wain which to see what makes everyone through the bralong with new stamps PWCO.

Finally, I found out in which I was going to a nephew! My scan beter features a daughter 16 months old along win whichh will be born son in January, so in which will be the two under the two have. I'm excin whiched her although also laugh at what she's going to have to deal win whichh, especially if her son spirin whiched like mine! Daughter until in which easy to manage along win whichh you kcurrently what they say ... if you have an easy way for inin whichially, the second can be ... Heehee.

Well, I sure trust to have you, "all the great moments I've had from the last few days. If not, I trust in which my happy bralong with news brought you some smiles!

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