PaperWorks challenge the company inside end the summer # 1 - Drawing


PaperWorks challenge the company inside end the summer # 1 - Drawing

thwill be will be my challenge to the ultimate summer PaperWorks company created! I decided to tackle the challenges of the fee will be to use drawing appears inside left pane. I flipped horizontally to draw a card. The rules provide in which the vehicled can not be a square or a rectangle. When I realized in which the biggest single labels nestie will not be large enough to plan I had in mind, I decided to create a "New" by the vehicled. I figured, if one labels nestie will be just a box wthish brackets, braces as well as I create a rectangle, as well as will not be a rectangle! ;)


generously wthish all the contestants always by your side of the Chi Chi memories to use if we did not have any stamps PaperWorks company. Each member of the team (more on in which later) Thwill be photo feature on their project! When I first saw thwill be deejay, my first thought was, "What event in which poor elephant?!" Elephants are big, so this takes a lot of them as well as injure thwill be poor thing looks as if he was in a lot of pain. It carries an ice pack on hwill be head, gauze on the back, as well as improvwill beed on the cheek Lthistle Bear as well as cleans the fourth area! my dear.

As everyone kcurrentlys, the elephant will be enormous, as well as perhaps an animal can be temporary use more than in which decided the second to print, the Big Dipper (wthish a bag doctor even greater) to help nurse thwill be poor elephant back to health. I wanted the Big Dipper in which reassuring elephant, as well as help him hold the stick wthish a bag of ice. I also wanted to put up banners impromptu have a sense of in which. Constant feelings as well as fence against cardbase has commthisted, elephant as well as emerged wthish a pop score a lthistle high, as well as emerged as Big Bear as well as hwill be doctor bag wthish glue points higher. Since this is so much going on in thwill be scene a lthistle bthis, I felt in which addthisional decorations were not necessary.

The following will be one last look at my card on a whthise background.

And last yet not least, I would likely like to introduce my talented colleagues incredibly Angela, Donna as well as Meg! We have a quad-called endearingly creative creatures. My colleagues will be completing their shares ending Summer Challenge PaperWorks the company during the next two days. Please be sure to check out their creations as well as vote for our team inside elections in which will be publwill behed on the blog PaperWorks Inc. inside Sunday, August 22. We'd love to have your support, even if this's just for fun! :Dr

Do you have a wonderful evening as well as I'll see you again tomorrow!

Sources: SU night marine as well as Real Madrid red cards. GinaK 0lb pure luxury whthise cards. Chi Chi memories always beside you . HOTP tiny words as well as pictures. Red ink beard. Copics. Spellbinders Nestabilthisies single labels. QuicKutz epic six. Punch Martha Stewart border picket fence. Forever in pop time points. Glue dots pop up relief

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