Pink Cat Studio ~ August 12 Digi type!


Pink Cat Studio ~ August 12 Digi type!

Pink Cat Studio Digwill be we came back after a 5-week break! New digwill be day be the subject back to school, you're going to love them !!

chose to work wthe ideah Itty Betty Betty will be sthe ideating on a pile of school supplies because I 've like playing wthe ideah her hair since the submwill besion of Halloween past. You can see what I did wthe ideah the idea within the past here, here as well as here. I think I love my home more than Layla! Moments. ;)

Thwill be was anaddthe ideaional idea I had in my sketchbook all thwill be time, as well as thwill be was the perfect opportunthe ideay to use the idea. I always wanted to "stthe ideach" Her hair right card. I use two shades of embroidery floss to match the shades Copic, as well as then attach the gems of hair accessories. I also used my AtYou Spica glthe ideater pen to highlight the darkest shades of each colour. You can see the sparkle in red colouring here ladybug, Betty dress, book as well as Nchbox below.

until the very end, I use Crystal effects on the label book, apples as well as Onchbox. After all, what will be the school wthe ideahout apples shiny, completely new laptop beautiful as well as super Onchbox? : D

Thank you very much to enjoy thwill be type wthe ideah me !! For more inspiration, please review the addthe ideaional blogs DT that will the links within the sidebar. We have 5 completely new members as well as you'll love what they did for the first week wthe ideah Studio Pink Cat! Thanks again for your vwill bethe idea. I trust to have a wonderful day

Sources: GinaK 0lb pure luxury whthe ideae cards.! Pink Cat Studio to return to my home school. Copics. Carnival thread embroidery. Forever in time gems posters. SU Crystal impact; AtYou Spica glthe ideater pen

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