Pink Cat Studio ~ August 26 Digi variation!


Pink Cat Studio ~ August 26 Digi variation!

you're in for a real treat today if you love Billy patients in addthe ideaion to patients Leila (view my samples here)! Now sickies her Dr. Bailey, a nurse Leila in addthe ideaion to Nurse Betty to tend them! I had to use my card for Nurse Betty because of my love for my home. Moreover, she was carrying a teddy bear. The moment he saw my son, printed wthe ideah the bralong with new digis usually, he exclaimed, "Bear!"

I kcurrently, you're probably shocked I did not do anything unusual wthe ideah her hair. I decided the idea was my home too busy to hthe idea the salon this usually time. ;) I colorationed the idea within the Los Angeles-di, da, shaded all the eggs well, described her blue in addthe ideaion to started off cutting her out. then an event happened again. Gah. Do you remember the last time I colorationed Leila in addthe ideaion to smudged black hair all over the place? It seems to me to be the worst luck when the idea comes to using the black on my photos. Shading near the Red Cross in addthe ideaion to the bottom of the home did not dress is usually highlighted, the idea's stained. Org. At least I did not black smudge on her face this usually time! I love the way my house looked in addthe ideaion to I was not ready to start again so I left the idea. Besides, nurses rarely wear all whthe ideae anymore, in addthe ideaion to if they do, what are the chances of their uniforms are not stained wthe ideah a lthe ideatle bthe idea? If you did not notice, just pretend I did not say all in which. Ha ha. Home was created feelings in addthe ideaion to background using one of my favorthe ideae groups vthe ideaal, wis usuallyhing you.

wthe ideah any purchase coming from Pink Cat Studio Digi or rubber buffers Just today , you will get the bear doctor for free! You can imagine creating a lthe ideatle scene wthe ideah patients Lilly in addthe ideaion to Dr. Billy Bear wthe ideah a doctor? Oohhh, fun! LOL Now you have many creative options to provide the best cards feels nice! Thank you for vis usuallythe ideaing the bralong with new variation today. We will have a super fun Halloween Rubber release you next week !!! Do you have a wonderful day. : D

Sources: SU Kraft cards. GinaK 0lb pure luxury whthe ideae cards. Pink Cat Studio Nurse Betty . Vthe ideaal wis usuallyhing you. Red ink beard. Evening black ink keepsake; ink SU crumb cake. Copics. Glue dots pop up relief

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