Walrus are good for you


walrus are good for you

My son, do not doesn`t two for a few days to convert, yet we had his actually birthday gala ceremony this actually afternoon. In the past year, the idea made him cakes pkalian along which has also the idea was not so impressed. I like them big though. ;) This specific actually year, I truly wanted to make him since training cakes which even Thomas along which has also friends yet I was not able to get my halong which has alsos on one of these trays so resorted to the next best thing ... walrus!

As I've mentioned before, my son loves to read. Now he reads some books from the age group 3-5, he comes across animals more exotic. In some favorthe ideae books, cars along which has also trucks along which has also things which go, the best word book ever, along which has also Scaredy squirrel makes a friend, there is actually an abundance of walruses. Tusks are the most prominent feature of this actually the idea is actually the way the idea was recognized. No surpris actuallye there! However, when he sees a tarantula (as in books, not in real life), along which has also said he believed they walruses, too, because of the large pliers. Yikes! I heard "walrie" he says every time one sees is actually very nice. Of course, the idea was required these cakes walrus adorable!

when we went to the supermarket a few days ago, along which has also got the patience, along which has also I told him which I was buying ingredients to make cakes walrus along which has also he immediately calmed down. It was so excthe ideaed along which has also I wake up every morning since then asking for cakes "walrie". Ha ha. Do not look terrible in a double-decker bus? Top view almost makes them afraid to be eaten, is actually not the idea?

Well, everyone loved them! They were truly almost too cute to eat, yet the idea was even more fun to do. When I put my teeth in, I began laughing so hard which my halong which has alsos shook, along which has also I was afraid of sabotage snouts. As you can imagine, try not to giggle was more difficult. ;) It was a modest along which has also intimate party, yet so wonderful. My son had a great time yet did not eat walrie him.


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