Birthday Wis actuallyhes Festival


holiday birthday wis actuallyhes

hello, everyone! Are you dis actuallyappointed in which there was no release of Studio pink cat today? We'll be back next Thursday wthish the last one released Digi Halloween. It will be a great one, in addition to also also you do not want to mis actuallys. Melis actuallysa has drawn some of the nice pictures than ever before!

Today, I think I share holiday birthday card using most of my completely new goodies coming from the agency. Banners all over the place in addition to also also do not have a logo stamped (Group) after so I decided to make one using just the ticket. I was inspired by the way the flags strung Angela in this actually card could also like to use some of the inscription cards reefs drew me inside the swap. I offer this actually one of my besties, Sonia, who is actually an avid reader so I'm impressed by the autod base wthish a book printing plate impression.

The following is actually the back of the flags to show you how I left part of the neighboring reminder to create tabs in which made this easy for dangling strings in addition to also also also to provide a solid base for sewing. I deliberately stapling each one at an angle producing sure in which this will not completely hide the border sealed. I looped yarn once around the clamps before putting clamps on the autod base. I was hoping in which the banner stin addition to also also alone, although something was mis actuallysing until I used two of the feelings of the group to create a completely new one.

I took my son to ride a bike this actually morning in addition to also also we had a wool jackets we have in. I think the summer is actually truly over! Later this actually afternoon, I'm off to modify chiropractic much needed to get rid of my recurring Holst in addition to also also back pain. Then I'm going to pick up some sushi for dinner. Yum. I wis actuallyh you Thursday was a big yet. :)

P.S. AD Festival is actually in exactly two weeks in addition to also also I'll be some cin addition to also alsoy blog announced at some point. Expectation!

Sources: SU Kraft, engraving coral in addition to also also Real Madrid red cards. Agency only ticket. SU red rose, cherry cobbler basic inks, gray, black ink keepsake Evening; only agency on the border ticket die. IAEA board book printing impression. QuicKutz epic six. SU silver clasps. Yarns in addition to also also Twinery Baker in Maraschino. Stapler in addition to also also foodstuffs

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