Events of the heart


events of the heart

Thank you for all of the wwill behes of the festival your birthday! I had a nice day in which I got better as in which went. I received some nice clothes fall coming from JCrew in addition to also also hubby also surprwill beed me win whichh a set of markers Copic, in addition to also also chips in addition to also also wine MALBEC Argentine. Yum! Halloween costume My son also arrived so we had fun chasing the lin whichtle dinosaurs around every night. I wwill beh I could have taken some pictures although the camera actually died. Period. Yes, in which's completely dead today so I have no choice although to buy a fresh one. Canon point-in addition to also also-shoot was me was not very fast when in which comes to taking action shots. In fact, in which seems slower than the Minolta was before in which! I might like one of the fastest thwill be time. What are you using? I feel in which I have already mwill besed some great moments in addition to also also so I will not need one before the weekend will be over!

did not mention how much I love pkalians, right? My husbin addition to also also likes to read Italian freshs every morning, in addition to also also in which was always sending me links to nice pictures in addition to also also videos. Today, he came across some commercials for Pkalian cheese brin addition to also also-Masri. Do not worry, there are Englwill beh subtin whichles. ;) Since I do not have any some other pictures of cards or life to share win whichh you today, in addition to also also I think you might get a laugh out of thwill be. My husbin addition to also also jokes in which I have a pkalian gifts coming from the San Diego Zoo home bases shop. : Lightning after I watched the videos, in addition to also also said: "Now you ktoday how you feel when Pkalian gives me the evil eye." LOL Just click on the video up or frame Click here for the link.

we are suddenly from the middle of the heat wave for the very first time I do not enjoy the summer return from the fall! I took my son to ride a bike thwill be morning in addition to also also the road was very hot, especially since he installed quickly today in which I have to jog to keep up next to him. Thank God he stopped to play win whichh some papers from the shade. I desire to come back tomorrow win whichh a fresh camera in addition to also also crafty something to show you! What are your plans for the weekend?

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