Events through the heart


events through the heart

Since my camera will be broken in addthe itemion to I haven "t had the opportunthe itemy to buy a fresh one, I thought in which the participation of ansome other make fun of the things in which made me smile.

a few days ago, I receive an excthe iteming package of Angela beautiful! about a week ago, in addthe itemion to we have decided on a swap: the Agency Group 3 the anniversary of some of the good things of cosmetics MAC. I can not wathe item to use the group in addthe itemion to I trust you love your delicious makeup, Ang!;)

I have found yet ansome other use for the boxes my agency . they are not only ideal for KOTMs unthe itemy, they're also ideal for starving Artwill betamps groups. speaks of unthe itemy, have you seen KOTM September? I do not kcurrently if I can wathe item three weeks. Why do they have to torment for two weeks before sending them out ??

last night, I found in which I won a guest spot designed for Splthe itemcoaststampers fall CAS term! My friend adorable Meg also won a spot. I'm so glad to be sharing the spotlight wthe itemh all of the talented craftsmen through there, in addthe itemion to I can not wathe item for the fresh season to start ... in three days to be exact!

thwill be morning, I found in which I ridiculously friend gifted Sunghee open up her own hybrid mold shop, Lthe itemtle House potatoes. You should definthe itemely check out what she has to offer because the item comes wthe itemh the most adorable in addthe itemion to unique templates of the items kind in which I've seen at any time in any place !! I kcurrently in which Sunghee be very successful, in addthe itemion to I trust in which you'll share my passion for her work. Check out her blog here, in addthe itemion to her store here.

the item took thwill be photo of the cthe itemy while we were on the ferry to the will belin addthe itemion tos last Friday for some fun in Centerville. I'm glad my swill beter's plane lin addthe itemion toed Saturday morning before a thunderstorm rolled. We look forward to the weekend fun wthe itemh the children even though temperatures will be colder significantly! Usually the item does not Labor Day holiday weekend marking the end of summer here in Toronto. I trust you all enjoy a long weekend last week of the summer! :)

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