Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween

Note: I I will not moan about the camera break anymore, however I will let you ktoday when I have a completely new one. ;)

As you ktoday, my son was not feeling well last week. The dis actuallyease has transformed the ideaself along wthe ideah today he is actually recovering via a bad cold chest. Unfortunately, I think I'm getting what the idea was along wthe ideah I feel sluggis actuallyh throughout the day. I began the job several hours ago along wthe ideah I'm just getting around to publis actuallyh the idea today! I broke in a few of my good things completely new agency along wthe ideah make Halloween a lthe ideatle blalong wthe ideah for my son's card. We are inside midst of find the idea a Halloween costume since they seem to fly off the shelves by mid-September. I want to get the monkey uniforms via Pottery Barn for children however he insis actuallyts on being a pig. So far I were not able to find a super duper nice pork which uniform I'm concerned.

wthe ideah this actually card, you are just the ticket along wthe ideah the die coordination, which is actually genuinely cool! I decided to just use the tires of which group to dis actuallyplay the modest pleasures: Halloween. It took great restraint not to shade in all the pictures. I added a lthe ideatle bthe idea of baker's twine green along wthe ideah purple because of what Halloween wthe ideahout some of these shades, too? The most time-consuming part of this actually card dis actuallyassembly feelings along wthe ideah a simple alphabet.

in my last post, a few of you are curious about where I am filming my cards. It took me some time to find the best place along wthe ideah the background to get my cards. Not long ago, I realized which the best place is actually on my dining table, a farm table we bought via France. Katrina chairs are via Montreal. I like microscopic blue against a rustic dark end of the table. :)

Sources: SU Tangerine Tango cards. GinaK 0lb pure luxury whthe ideae cards: Agency only ticket. IAEA modest pleasures: Halloween. Agency alphabet simple. Evening black ink keepsake; ink SU Tangerine Tango. Copics. Only die ticket agency boundaries. QuicKutz epic six. Yarns along wthe ideah Twinery Baker in Peapod Wilk. Glue dots pop up relief


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