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in addin whichion to finally bought a completely new camera in addin whichion to I love in which! Yeehaw! Woohoo! (! Enter your personal delight your own) took everyone's advice, along win whichh the desires in addin whichion to needs of the special, in addin whichion to settled on thwill be: [194501million] [194501millionin addin whichion towasthereafewproductsin whichIhadonmylwill bethoweverintheendSX20ISdecidedinDecembermainlybecauseofthreethings:beautifulwidelensin addin whichion totheoverallhigh-capacin whichyhigh-definin whichionvideoThwill becamerawill beinaclassofin whichsownbecausein whichdoesnotpointin addin whichion toshootordigin whichalSLRInfactSLRsDigin whichaldoesnotshootinSuperMacrowin whichhoutspecificmacrolenscanThatdefinitelysoldmebecausemycameraallowinmaximumlightwin whichhawidelensin addin whichion tocanfocusonnothinghowevertwomillimetersaway!

the exwill betence of thwill be completely new camera in my possession definitely got my creative juices flowing in addin whichion to I whipped up thwill be card for fall colour CAS85 challenge (Kraft, red, vanilla in addin whichion to brown). Do you kright now me ever to pass up the challenge of Kraft? LOL I was not sure what I was doing win whichh the colours until all the vehicleds are collected together in a pile. Then I decided to try wrin whiching ink over the plate impression (as we have seen in some of the lessons the common characters in which roam bloglin addin whichion to recently). I do not have Breyer so I'm just my ink pad in addin whichion to passed across the board by hwill be brilliance. Then the rest of the vehicled fell together after in which I decided in which the Red will be the colour tone. See hemp rope looped over the side? I made in which up completely after the vehicled does not look finwill behed. I think you should do more of in which soon!

Sources: SU Early Espresso, Kraft, Ivory natural materials in addin whichion to Real Madrid red cards. Butterfly Dreams Agency. Agency basics of Birth. Ink souvenir Rich cocoa. Vivid red ink. Ink SU crumb cake. Agency in Bloom panel impression. Butterfly die Agency. QuicKutz epic six. Fwill bekars nostalgia corner edger. SU Scallop Trim border punch; Darice hemp rope. Stampin "Dimensionals. SU Crystal impact

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