Pink Cat Studio ~ September 2 rubber type!


Pink Cat Studio ~ September 2 rubber type!

Thwill be will be a huge day in my professional seal! One year ago, the idea was the launch of Melwill besa Pink Cat Studio Digi store in addition to also asked me to design a guest grin addition to also opening them. Digwill be was first created than ever before Halloween in addition to also Chrwill betmas holiday digwill be. I made nine cards (Oh, the madness was calling my name), in addition to also shortly thereafter, Melwill besa asked me to jowithin the design team Studio Pink Cat! I can not believe a whole year has passed. Melwill besa will be a joy to work wthe ideah, in addition to also I can not wathe idea to see what brings anaddthe ideaional year.

will try to keep thwill be short posthe ideaion as much as possible since I have to take care of a sick child. I'm also lucky that will I was able to portray these cards when the camera was working, addthe ideaionalwwill bee I will not be participating in thwill be type. So wthe ideahout further delay, here are my first card featuring Leila circular bread.

You kcurrently that will I love my home circular bread so I wanted to make a card wthe ideah Lily. I fell in love wthe ideah backgrounds texty recently in addition to also thwill be will be what you see here in addition to also also within the next two cards. I was more than my baker's twine (will be addictive) attaches feeling the idea. Mark within the line of naturally fallen wthe ideah the background text! As you coloring thwill be, I could imagine to use thwill be image within the Thanksgiving holiday, in addition to also again for the Chrwill betmas holiday. As will be the case wthe ideah most of the pictures, Melwill besa, in addition to also there will be a lot of diversthe ideay.

Next up will be Halloween card featuring pictures of delicious simple rubber frogs brin addition to-new group.

in addition to also morale within the background of my house Halloween Itty group that will has been previously released. Border punched in addition to also wrapped around the backside as well. I wanted to add Baker twine for thwill be card, too, yet I stopped myself. ;)

you can see all of my Pink Cat Studio Halloween cards here:

  • drink my house (currently available in rubber)
  • charming Crossing ( will be currently available within the rubber)
  • horse Broom Free ride (available currently within the rubber form)
  • trick or treating
  • ghostly braddthe ideaionals
  • Velcome
  • Itty Betty Bobby Ron Weasley
  • ghostly Rodeo (available in rubber only)

that will's all through me today. Thank you for sharing your vwill bethe idea to thwill be type rubber fun wthe ideah me! I desire you've found something to drool on in addition to also maybe a lthe ideatle bthe idea of inspiration to create something screamie, scary in addition to also Halloweeny !! A wonderful day

sources Leila circular bread : SU Wasabi wild cards. GinaK 0lb pure luxury whthe ideae cards. Pink Cat Studio Leila circular bread . Pink Cat Studio Animal Farm Party . Ink SU Wild Wasabi. Evening black ink keepsake; Copics. Yarns in addition to also Twinery Baker in Maraschino in addition to also Lemondrop. Forever in time yetton. Glue dots pop up relief

Sources For Itty Betty Betty - delicious frogs in addition to also frog under the hat : SU Kraft cards. AC-tight black cards. GinaK 0lb pure luxury whthe ideae cards. Pink Cat Studio Itty Betty Betty - delicious frogs . Pink Cat Studio frog under the hat . Pink Cat Studio Itty Betty Halloween . Evening black ink keepsake; Copics. Martha Stewart Boo border Phantom Punch. Glue dots pop up relief

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