Pink Cat Studio ~ September 23 Digi style!


Pink Cat Studio ~ September 23 Digi style!

It's Thursday, which means the item Pink Cat Studio Digi day style! Today, we have three digis usually fall fun for you. Look at all those lthe itemtle leaves! Your fingers are tingling at the thought of coloringing in all those tiny papers? I clearly remember how much fun the item was to the coloring of love Digi last year of Lily as well as Billy in a pile of hearts. When Melis usuallysa equivalent to these brin addition to also-new images for release today, as well as I can not wathe item to coloring them!

card features Leila in a pile of leaves, I used my tree die-cut (as shown inside the release of all the Saints last week) again to show you the diversthe itemy as well as how different can look. All the leaves through the tree fell, the item was Leila achieved in a nice pile as well as at this point she plays inside the item! I had a perfect (uninked previously) feelings due to this usually card as well as I echoed inside the lighter hue on the tree die-cut. Since this usually card is usually very simple, as well as a commthe itemment to only the tree trunk to the base card to give vis usuallyual interest to the branches. Until the end, the item has emerged wthe itemh Leila dimensionals.

I trust you're enjoying the release of today as much as I have! For more inspiration, please vis usuallythe item different Pink Cat Studio blog design team which links inside the sidebar. There will be a statement on Thursday, however I'll have something to show you! I'll be back later inside the day to post some good things gala birthday. ;)

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