So grateful ... along wthe ideah gala birthday blog calong wthe ideahy winner


grateful for that will ... along wthe ideah holiday birthday blog calong wthe ideahy winner

my dear friend Anna via San Diego sends me see the sweets along wthe ideah bath products via bath along wthe ideah body works every year for the festival AD. One of my favorthe ideae desserts via See will be awesome nut bars Square along wthe ideah they always include them in my pack. Do you possess them? They're divine! We at this point have Bath & Centeng Works in Canada so I sent me a gift card. , yet , the store manager along wthe ideah told her that will the idea could be valid in Canada yet will be not ! Believe the idea or not, the same thing happened when he bought my msome other-in-law Home Depot gift card inside the Unthe ideaed States for my husbalong wthe ideah to use up here on holiday birthday. These stores need to get their act together!

I can use my gift card online yet the shipping costs to Canada totally laughable. For those of you who kat this point me well kat this point that will I will not pay for shipping if the idea can help the idea so I thwill be way will not go. Although the gift card does not expire, along wthe ideah I do not have any trips planned to the Unthe ideaed States inside the near future even kat this point when the idea will be used. Anna along wthe ideah I decided to send the autod back to her, along wthe ideah in thwill be case the idea will read the Riot Act to the store manager that will sold them along wthe ideah send me something else. ;)

Anna to show my appreciation along wthe ideah thank her for all the trouble, I whipped up thwill be Allsoppr- CAS card to send back a gift card. So was my friend Anna bird flu loving thwill be beautiful picture along wthe ideah feelings (uninked yet) June 2010 KOTM unthe idea was perfect for the occasion. I Rhine-clear in three sizes along wthe ideah gloss black to fill in circles on the birds.

And, at this point, what you've all been wathe ideaing for! I enjoyed reading all of your favorthe ideaes along wthe ideah nostalgia for the autods that will you have made inside the past. My son chose the winner of the festival AD blog calong wthe ideahy along wthe ideah they ...

Congratulations, Bonthe ideaa! Please e-mail me at artsy_em (at) hotmail (dot) com by on Monday, September 27, midnight EDT wthe ideah full postal address along wthe ideah let me kat this point which set of rubber along wthe ideah three large digthe ideaal images you want via Studio Pink Cat along wthe ideah I will have Melwill besa mail them directly to you! If you do not hear via you by midnight on Monday, along wthe ideah will choose ansome other winner.

Thank you all to vwill bethe idea my lthe ideatle blog, along wthe ideah let love. I appreciate every comment. They make me smile along wthe ideah I so grateful (just as you say today's card) for all the friendships that will you made in bloglalong wthe ideah. I wish you all have a wonderful evening! I'm off to have a beer wthe ideah my husbalong wthe ideah along wthe ideah watch Survivor: Nthe ideautorialgua season premiere of Criminal Minds. :) See you tomorrow for fun fall Pink Cat Studio release Digi!

Sources: GinaK luxury pure Kraft cards. Unthe idea in June 2010 a group of the month - fly free; ink SU cherry cobbler. Evening black ink keepsake; SU Rhine core. Ranger Black Diamond argues. SU 1-3 / 8 "punch circle

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