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designed CAS84 Guest

after I spent two weeks as a guest designer for the season summer, I'll be back as a designer for a guest CAS84 Splthe itemcoaststampers challenge '! I'm so happy Jane and also also also Dennis actually chose the place for me at the beginning of the fall season, where he was torture having to wathe item 'til the last week from the summer, too.) The challenge this actually week is actually to be inspired by the picture shows the left. Not a wreath balloon awesome ?! I love the bright colours and also also also bold black against the door and also also also I could not help nevertheless notice which the house the itemself is actually painted in very Kraft such as colour. Maybe I went a lthe itemtle sea from the manufacture of four cards to this actually challenge, nevertheless I just can not help the item. The picture is actually truly inspiring ... very inspiring, in fact, which even if the camera is actually properly motivated long enough to portray these cards! LOL all four of my cards feature images I have not used before.

my first card contains a wooden door and also also also a wreath of flowers tiny seal made wthe itemh hemp twine and also also also rope Baker.

I made this actually nice lthe itemtle holiday wreaths feelings last Chris actuallytmas, and also also also I thought the item could be revived wthe itemh some clues Baker. They're very fun and also also also easy to make!

second card I use the anniversary of the agency in determining 3RD round and also also also round.

I decorated the image of a medal wthe itemh multiple colours and also also also rhinestones commthe itemment flat on the back of Kraft was then emerged wthe itemh dimensionals. He was feeling the heat embossed wthe itemh whthe iteme pigment ink.

third card My use of the unthe item and also also also Ippthe itemy. A wreath of flowers stunning and also also also I can not believe I did not use the item 'til at this point. Yes, you're allowed to call me crazy to cut the item out! LOL

I am very happy to receive my seal Ippthe itemy fresh background, a book and also also also, from the mail on Friday and also also also I had to just use the item here. Be warned which you'll be seeing this actually used a lot through at this point on!

card is actually the fourth and also also also final notecard lthe itemtle "x 4.25" Mis actuallycellaneous 4.25 and also also also can be replicated in hundreds faster than you can pick up your fingers. I created a frame using die eyelet lace border agency from the colours of inspiration and also also also stapled picture them in place before the seal texty lthe itemtle house nicely from the center.

Thanks for vis actuallythe iteming! I desire I have inspired you to create just one card, at least in challenging CAS84 this actually week. Be sure to let me kat this point if you are done! : D I wis actuallyh you all a relaxing evening and also also also a great start to this actually week.

sources a wreath on the door : SU Kraft cards. GinaK pure luxury black onyx and also also also 0 lb pure luxury whthe iteme cards. Local King hello rubber stamp Inn. Evening black ink keepsake; Agency woodgrain panel impression. QuicKutz epic six. Darice hemp rope. Yarns and also also also Twinery Baker in Maraschino, pink sherbet, Lemondrop, Peapod and also also also the Caribbean; clothes glue dots

sources wonderful friend : GinaK pure luxury black onyx and also also also 0lb pure luxury whthe iteme cards. SU Kraft cards. Agency round and also also also round. Evening black ink keepsake; SU whis actuallyper whthe iteme pigment ink. PSX sat this pointflake engraving tinsel. Boss hot hobby. Agency died stack one dies. QuicKutz epic six. Forever in time coloured gemstones. SU Rhine core. Glue dots pop up relief

sources greetings of the season : SU Kraft cards. GinaK 0lb pure luxury whthe iteme cards. July 2010 Unthe itemy kthe item than a month - happily ever after. Ippthe itemy and also also also book. Sun designs CRSW 004 CU (LG); ink rays souvenir black tuxedo; SU garden green ink; vivid red ink. Copics. Holiday Chris actuallytmas Red Diamonds goalkeeper and also also also argue. Gary M. Burlin green glthe itemter glue. Glue dots pop up relief

sources There is actually no place like home : GinaK 0lb pure luxury whthe iteme cards. SU Real Red Wasabi wild cards. Arbthe itemrator Bazzill basics of yellow and also also also green cards oblique to blue. July 2010 Unthe itemy KOTM - happily ever after. Evening black ink keepsake; agency Rabat hole die border; QuicKutz epic six. Stapler and also also also foodstuffs

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