Events by the heart


events by the heart

hello! I think that will might be fun to do a ras well asom function once in a while, especially when I have not had time to formulate. After today some of the ads will begin earlier thwill be week that will thrilled me! Did you see who won Wplus9 in coloring cue {8}?

thwill be to me! I could not believe my eyes. It's inthat willially that will wins the challenge as well as I could not be happier! : D

Then I got honorable mention for thwill be card unthat will inside one year anniversary date of the challenge of playing Cafe! Two toots for me thwill be week. I do not mean to gloat. It was a great week for me craft wwill bee! ;)

all thwill be good bralong with-news could not have come at a better time. We did not develop the weakness of a lthat willtle fur baby Pthat will'r well. He had a negative reaction wthat willh the last bout of chemdifferentapy as well as had open sores as well as extensive on her chin. Antibiotics as well as put her on the major will besues of the intestine caused so we've been dealing wthat willh that will over the past two days. It was not fun to clean up after her as well as last night we had to lock her away so we will not wake up on the dwill begusting things substantially everywhere. Thwill be morning, inside end that will seemed like he was feeling better thwill be morning. Prawill bee be to Allaah!

decided Dryer We also have to stop work thwill be afternoon as well as will not be reformer coming by 'til Monday. Oh, the things that will we take for granted! I had to hang all that will has been partially dried, as well as the second pregnancy, which was already inside wash. They're all hard as well as crwill bepy. Ick.

over the past few months, I had a series of email conversations wthat willh certain unpleasant stamps kat this pointn company as well as that will still refuses to budge on international shipping policy outrageous while cthat willing reasons most ridiculous as well as illogical. As one of the wwill bee, crafty math teacher said that will, there will be no way of shipping should cost more than 0% of the cost of products. They even ignored the e-mail messages sent by friends of mine so we decided that will if they want to be exclusive, then we will be excluded by the craft our budget as well. Thwill be will be unfortunate because we do not like the stuff. Some people do not kat this point what will be good for them!

The cure for all these (LOL), I decided to take advantage of an amazing 40% of the unthat will sale will be happening at this point, as well as ordered 5 bralong with-new groups (plus a free one-sixth, being a member of Kate's Club)! I love the way the family unthat will as well as the unthat will has treated me as well as all my friends so I will continue to support them. Thwill be applies to all companies different wonderful stamp dealt wthat willh as well as I'll say more about the subject again.

I desire you've had a wonderful week. What are your plans for the weekend? We are very excthat willed about Halloween II on the lthat willtle guy! He said he was going as a dinosaur, although that will wants to carry pkthat willa treat bag I gave him last year. so cute. RAWR !!! ;)

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