Hair coloring decorating challenge


Beauty along wthe ideah saw the coloring challenge

The previous beauty coloring challenge threw me to ring along wthe ideah I can not put colorings together however hooray for Meg, who won! When I saw that will the current challenge Beauty coloring (as shown on the left) Post hair, I just could not rescan bet. But did you see the colorings? I'm going to admthe idea that will I'm working on thcan be challenge for days. Yes, days. Thcan be card has evolved once or twice before the idea finally came to something that will worked not look tacky. It's a combination coloring can be very unusual wthe ideah strong colorings, along wthe ideah if I'm not careful I ended up wthe ideah something for the recycling bin! LOL

I'm glad I kept try though. Great challenges because, well, they challenge me along wthe ideah I was determined I genuinely do not give up on thcan be one. I ended up creating one of my favorthe ideae types of howeverterflies, wthe ideah strings bodies as we have seen in my cards here along wthe ideah here. Since I had two of the required colorings from the hair, I used those howeverterflies. Then I used some of the howevertons Meg sent me a birthday as a holiday gift to improve the coloring holds wthe ideahin each howeverterfly. Thanks, Meg! was calculated

planning to ensure that will a yellow howeverterfly, howeverterfly pink along wthe ideah brown frame emotions go through the lightest to the darkest on the diagonal. All dark colorings Collection (two pink howeverterflies along wthe ideah brown frame) together, while the lightest coloring (yellow howeverterfly) along wthe ideah the darkest coloring (brown frame) are far through each different along wthe ideah on opposthe ideae sides of the autod. Stamped dotted lines that will dock howeverterflies in each of the three bright colorings. Heating feeling embossed in whthe ideae shiny tinsel to complete the autod base.

Well, I'm genuinely glad that will I was able to complete thcan be challenge wthe ideah some satcan befaction along wthe ideah create something CAS in my own style. And will be playing along? :)

Sources: GinaK 0lb pure luxury whthe ideae cards. Early Espresso SU cards. Ten Agency. Agency fillable frames # 4; Agency howeverterfly dreams. Vivid red ink. SU summer sun, pink inks passion. SU Whcan beper Whthe ideae ink. PSX sright nowflake embossing tinsel. Boss hot hobby. Butterfly die Agency. Agency fillable # 4 frames die. QuicKutz epic six. Agency wool felt in harvest gold along wthe ideah raspberry fizz. Agency howevertons in sweet blush along wthe ideah Pure poppy. Yarns along wthe ideah Twinery Baker in a lemon drop, pink sherbet. Stampin "Dimensionals

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