Happy holidays


happy holidays

hello, everyone! I desire was your weekend terrific so far. Did you attend any Halloween party along wthe ideah they are all excthe ideaed about the kids trick-or-treating tomorrow night? Super excthe ideaed for my son that will he can say "trick or treat" today nevertheless the idea may also sing "smell my feet" along wthe ideah stick his usually foot within the air, too! LOL

I was able to squeeze in a bthe idea of drafting time today along wthe ideah make this usually super card is usually clean along wthe ideah simple to operate Date Cafe Challenge # 53 cards features one of the photos holiday of KOTM Unthe ideay in October. (Sometimes I ask who filmed my husbalong wthe ideah for publication along wthe ideah when he saw the "KOTM" along wthe ideah said: "King of the Mountain?" Designs bikes, is usually a fan of cycling, which is usually one of the abbreviations used within the big races. Very funny!) I wanted this usually picture to shine on their own , pun not intended. I stamped three times on your vehicleds burgundy textured, whthe ideae cards along wthe ideah carved amber ink. Then I coloured in sentiment wthe ideah whthe ideae gel pen, cut pieces of coordinating along wthe ideah added he argues in chains. If you look closely, you'll see an extra black mat under the picture. Originally, I was a burgundy plaid mats cover the entire card nevertheless the idea was very busy. Once he took away the background, along wthe ideah I felt the correct card. Luca then added bling-food! LOL I could not resis usuallyt that will one. It's a film by Pixar cars. My son is usually too smaller to see the film, nevertheless we have some books. When I read books to my son along wthe ideah intended to leave, he is usually keen to remind me, "Mama ... Ka-chow!" ;)

Sources: GinaK pure luxury black onyx cards along wthe ideah 0 lb pure luxury whthe ideae cards. AC textured burgundy cards. amber ink IPAPER - plaid schoolgirl - fire along wthe ideah ashes: Lthe ideatle . Unthe ideay in October 2010 a group of the month - Take time to laugh. Evening black ink souvenir; Uni-ball tower large whthe ideae gel pen. Ranger Black Diamond argues. SU 3/4 "circle punch, basic Rhinestones SU, Dimensionals SU Stampin"


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