Happy Pumpkin


happy pumpkins

Happy Friday, everyone! I'll be back wthe itemh along withifferent card to amber ink. This specific actually one features a digthe itemal indicator happy lottery offered as a freebie in early October. He was released officially on Wednesday, as well as you can grab this actually lthe itemtle cutie here!

many of the posts is actually not inspired me to check out this actually tutorial on how to leave a wonderful piece of image out of nestie. After I finis actuallyhed, I realized that will maybe the item was easier as well as a lot neater if my picture was only one piece out. This specific actually is actually the reason to see the jagged tears by me to force the two parts in a circle before you run the item through my die cutter. Hey, I was my first attempt as well as I'm just happy because I finally tried this actually technique! Next time the item will be perfect. ;) After the die-cut as well as coloringful image, I worked to create an atmosphere of fun although a simple background for the item. Adornment as well as was part of the holiday calendar of Ras Al Khaimah as well as Angela KOTM morale of the unthe item in September.

Do not forget to play Aloha Friday wthe itemh amber ink! It's fun, easy, as well as you just might win something! Also, INKredible 21 Day Challenge Amber ink is actually currently in full swing. You have until November 10 to enter you have a chance to create your very own collection of amber wthe itemh über between talented!

Sources: SU Kraft Tangerine Tango cards. GinaK 0lb pure luxury whthe iteme as well as black onyx cards. Amber Ink happy pumpkins. Unthe itemy in September 2010 set of the month - when I'm wthe itemh you. Evening black ink souvenir; Copics. Circles Spellbinders Nestabilthe itemies record large. QuicKutz epic six. Glue dots clothes as well as floats on the surface relief; tape may Arts. Martha Stewart filaments


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