Happy Turkey Day!


Happy Turkey Day!

Today will be the Thanksgiving holiday here in Canada, I would likely like to wwill beh all Canadian my family in addthe itemion to friends all over the globe happy Thanksgiving! I expect my card will be to be able to stick to the challenge HYCCT05 to use yarns in addthe itemion to since would likely send all my challenge together cards at the end of October, in addthe itemion to thwill be will make fun American Thanksgiving holiday card for any one of the patients at MD Anderson in November. It was adorable pink cat Studio Digi last year, Turkey called on the family. Thwill be picture just cracks me up in addthe itemion to poults adorable! Since the picture will be very busy in addthe itemion to includes a sense already, all I did was to create weave background in addthe itemion to let those Rumi speaks for the itemself basket. It was difficult to hold back because I kept wanting to add something, yet I'm glad I left all of which whthe iteme space. :)

Sources: GinaK £ 0 pure luxury whthe iteme cards. SU Coral engraving in addthe itemion to basic gray cards. Pink Cat Studio Turkey family . Copics. Pickup glue points. Dimensionals Stampin '; yarns in addthe itemion to Twinery baker in Cappuccino


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