Hello, girlfriend


hello, friendly

this actually card for one year challenge to play from the cafe anniversary date which is actually the use of the colorations shown from the left. I thought the item could be fun to play along since the item is actually being sponsored by none some other than unthe itemy in addthe itemion to Cosmo Cricket! I played wthe itemh two of the same images used in this actually card in addthe itemion to came up wthe itemh this actually. It's not my usual style, although I kind of like the item. I stamped image flower three times in each of the required colorations to the challenge in addthe itemion to cut the item out. Then connect the baker's twine from the same three colorations. I stamped in brown clouds, which corresponds to the feelings, in addthe itemion to cut the item out in addthe itemion to stick the item to the autod base. Until the end, he added pink stone Rhine as a kind of punctuation, although then I realized they look cool if you add the Rhine from the some other two colorations on the boards of some other flowers to form a vis actuallyual triangle.

That's all by me today. I trust you are all beautiful in addthe itemion to there is actually Tuesday!

Sources: SU Kraft, so saffron in addthe itemion to tangerine Tango cards. Bazzill basics tight pink cards. Unthe itemy in October 2010 kthe item than a month - Take time to laugh. SU summer sun, pink rotation Tangerine Tango in addthe itemion to inks; ink souvenir-rich cocoa. Yarns in addthe itemion to Twinery baker in Mkthe itemarin, Lemondrop, pink sherbet. SU Rhine basic; forever in time gems posters. Dimensionals Stampin "


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