I am Amber ink torchbearer!


I'm via amber ink torchbearer!

I've only kcurrentlyn for a few days however the item was hard to contain my excthe itemement in spthe iteme of the item! Very honored to Sunghee stunning passed the torch on to me for the month of October 2010. Thank you, Sunghee! I am happy along wthe itemh excthe itemed to work side-by-side wthe itemh these very talented ladies inside the next four weeks:

my colleagues torchbearers
Jackie Ralong wthe itemholph
Lorraine Lowe
Rhonda Miller
Shannon Erskine

Check Every walk of fun here!

we will have bralong with-new projects to show you every week starting tomorrow! If you are bralong with-new to Amber ink, you'll want to vis actuallythe item their websthe iteme along wthe itemh blog as well as Amber Inklings. I personally trance on digis actually Amber Girls along wthe itemh iPapers!

Amber along wthe itemh Pam are two of the sweetest ladies I've ever met. They are talented along wthe itemh very hard. I'm so glad to be part of the Amber ink along wthe itemh I can tell already will be quthe iteme a ride!


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