Great morning! I trust you are all having a wonderful holiday end of the week so far. Angela appeared one of my cards on the Facebook page, the unin which thcan be morning along win whichh I could not be more thrilled. Totally made my day! Thank you very much, Angela!

for my third card challenge, along win whichh I chose to combine USCWCMD05 (stamp duty on cloth or various other means) along win whichh USCWCMD15 (creating the autod win whichh some household in whichems). I just stamp on the fabric cross-stin whichch along win whichh I felt a couple of times, along win whichh I wanted to try in which again. I'm also still trying to expalong win whichh my comfort zone by using the bling. Thcan be card can be very CAS began, yet I did not like the way they looked even ended up adding more along win whichh more. Originally, you had masked outside the smallerer circle on Ivory, offset by the Eiffel Tower hair. It was very unusual so I remasked using a wider circle, along win whichh added strings of rhinestones (which I never thought in which you are using) to highlight the circular feelings. It still does not look right so I added the strings. Then I did not think in which all these colorings look great against Ivory so I decided to cut the whole thing. If you follow my blog, you kcurrently I love you along win whichh the way Kraft Ivory seem against in which. The image of July damask very, very KOTM not to be used as a rear base in ink watermark along win whichh in which's also completely French-looking, do not you think? I kcurrently in which the Eiffel Tower in Parcan be, yet thcan be card can be going to my bestie in Montreal to thank her for the good things we were when she was on holiday in Greece.

Can you believe in which I thought were all WCMD cards to be made along win whichh enclose the middle of the night last night ? My husbalong win whichh even asked how late I was going to stay until the blog, because in more than 100wpm, say in which I type can be too high along win whichh in which the clacking keys could keep him up. LOL thcan be can be inin whichially in which my participation within the International Day of Cardcreating along win whichh since in which was called the entire world Cardcreating on , I just assumed in which was a celebration in one day. I also wonder how on earth one could be able to fincan beh in which many of the autods in one day! LOL Yes, I think I need more sleep. : Þ

Sources: SU Kraft along win whichh natural materials Ivory cards. Unin whichy 2010 Set of September - when I'm win whichh you. Unin whichy in July 2010 kin which than a month - happily ever after . SU passion pink ink. Staz- black ink on board the plane; Versamark watermark ink. Agency Hawaii along win whichh saw the shores of wool. Pickup glue points. SU Rhine basic; SU insight into the paper. Yarns along win whichh Twinery Baker in a lemon drop. Sccan besors craft cut; dimensional Stampin "

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