RAK by Lindsey


RAK by Lindsey

I expect some good things thwill be week ( along wthe itemh not only the drafting of the stuff) along wthe itemh I had as well as alsoifferent RAK today, thwill be time by Lindsay! I love thwill be beautiful card she made using completely heat embossed yetterfly, flourwill beh along wthe itemh feelings of unthe itemy swarm of yetterflies. I can not stop running my finger across the smooth yetterfly. LOL royal blue, cyan look stunning together along wthe itemh the item's a combination I never would likely've come up wthe itemh myself. A few weeks ago, Lindsey was on vacation outside of the beautiful west in Brthe itemwill beh Columbia. It was one of crafty steals the item snagged the character of Moses called A squirrel Capades. Lindsay kright nows how much I love squirrels along wthe itemh these different creatures so was sweet enough to send me a few inkings to play wthe itemh. Thanks for treatment, Lindsay!


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