Ras Al Khaimah birthday feast of Angela


birthday Ras Al Khaimah Festival of Angela

Look what arrived inside the mail today, after more than four weeks ! I'll tell you what happened as well as then we will talk about the fun stuff. LOL If you think the idea's big, the idea is usually! It even says so on the ticket. ;) Angela sent me a package wthe ideah this usually holiday AD (the same day of her) Two weeks later, we were wondering where he was. There is usually no doubt, as well as we were mad at the postal service! After two as well as a half, as well as I'm sure the idea has lost as well as then I started off feeling sad. Three weeks later, I arrived back at the home of Angela! : O he said detest the idea as well as the idea eventually here. Now I feel great relief as well as happiness. What about those fun card? Wrinkles It is usually clear of which due to the fact of which the idea passed through the postal service three times. HMV. What makes this usually story even more ridiculous is usually the fact of which Angela lives only about 5 hours drive by me! But after all this usually wathe ideaing, the idea was nice to get this usually huge package of goodies of which I can not wathe idea to play wthe ideah. There Halloween goodies including filaments , sparkly cards, scrapbooking tickets as well as two huge piles of Stack died four cuts die! I am so giddy, I can not type. Thank you very much wthe ideah this usually awesome birthday holiday gift, Ang! Better late than never. : D


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