Happy Friday! I wish all you had a great week. I'm looking forward to a relaxing holiday. Card has today :) shall be my last card unthe idea WCMD challenges. Have you had a chance to play yet? Deadline tomorrow at midnight along wthe ideah there are great prizes to be won! Card I made here can be for USCWCMD22 which can be to include halong wthe ideahmade decorations flower.

were not want to use anything in which was not unthe ideay or Ippthe ideay which included deaths along wthe ideah nesties until decided to use one of the images of flower KOTM September to make 3D flower! I stamped image once on the back of a flower Ippthe ideay then stamped twice on anaddthe ideaional sheet of ivory cards. I cut those two flowers, they put some of the cracks between the petals. I'm also slightly racan bee some of the petals of an addthe ideaional dimension. I rotated the first (middle) class of about 180 degrees before you join so you can see some of the petals longer at the top. The second placed (top) layer of flowers from their original location, yet a lthe ideatle off-center so you can see as much as possible of the petals on all three classes.

to complete the automobiled, along wthe ideah used lace KOTM July framework (you kat this point I love him) along wthe ideah stamped on the back of coral layer as well as the base layer as an accent. The card has been too easy addthe ideaionalwcan bee. I began to see where your feelings since I kcompletely new I wanted a part of the idea to consolidate the feeling. In addthe ideaional parts of the lace you see poking stamped ralong wthe ideahomly after the first inking. Thcan be card has several layers in total.

Thanks for vcan bethe ideaing! I wcan beh you a weekend enjoyable along wthe ideah comfortable. :)

until urces: SU Kraft, engraving coral along wthe ideah natural materials Ivory cards. July 2010 Unthe ideay kthe idea than a month - happily ever after. Kate unthe ideay of the month in September - when I'm wthe ideah you. Ippthe ideay along wthe ideah book. Ink SU crumb cake. Ink-rich cocoa keepsake. Dimensionals Stampin "

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