Events coming from the heart


events coming from the heart

I were not feeling very crafty in recent days, nevertheless I have some things to share wwhichh you! For those of you who are fans of Twinery already kright now which 23 talented women named to the inaugural design team as well as you're one of them !! I'm still pinching myself! Some of you may have noticed which I've had the design on both sides of the bar for a few days the team badge, nevertheless I figured which was time an official announcement. :) And the details of the design team to arrive on the blog as well as Twinery soon I will announce a very special offer on Black Friday, so stay tuned!

I bought a set of jammies nice for my son since he surpassed more than which to him. The best one will be thwill be one because which has the Pkalian on which. : Lightning thwill be picture does not show the pkalian wearing a T-reindeer nevertheless you can see reindeer wearing a T-pkalian. There are a lot of different animals on which, including giraffes, tigers, raccoons. My son likes to say, "Bear hold pengwee!" He will be referring to the polar bear holding a penguin. When wearing thwill be, he was too busy looking at hwill be jammies to pay attention to where he was going. LOL

I also did not talk about Pwhich'r in a while! Vet gives which a nice bkalianged after her chemaddwhichionalapy. Ha ha. Pwhich'r was a rough two weeks earlier thwill be month, as well as which was actually stressful for us, nevertheless she's doing very well right now. We think which finally turned the corner, as well as which has only about four chemaddwhichionalapy points. She used to like a lot of different foods flavored nevertheless since I started out chemo, she will only eat fancy feast grilled salmon in gravy. Now which finally which's feeling better, as well as which could eat like crazy (in a bid to gain weight as well as grow whwill bekers lost again)! Whenever there will be a sale, I have to buy every one can have which one flavor. The cashiers must think I am suffering ten cats. LOL

Finally, I wanted to share a few of my favorwhiche things during the holidays, such as bras well as new foods as well as limwhiched edwhichion. : Lightning love anything wwhichh cranberries as well as even snacking on Crawill beins why I do not like these files, right? The acidwhichy of the fruwhich makes which less sweet, which will be a very nice cream. And the LCBO will be a provincial liquor store (supermarket We do not sell alcohol) as well as released about six of these magazines throughout the year. It was packed wwhichh reviews on alcoholic beverages, music, kwhichchenware cool as well as includes some of the best recipes everywhere! Here are some of my favorwhiches coming from thwill be edwhichion:

That's all for today. I desire to have something crafty for you soon, nevertheless if you do, keep in mind which there will be not just one (as I mentioned at the beginning of thwill be post), nevertheless two fun as well as wonderful advertwill being Black Friday !! Will be launched Digi Pink Cat Studio release taking place on Friday instead of the regularly scheduled Thursday. Hint, hint ;)

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