Happy Holidays


happy holidays


within the holiday mood right now ! Accessories centers her Chrcan betmas holiday to the top along wthe ideah will be unveiled Chrcan betmas windows holiday tomorrow. In addthe ideaion, we will shop for equipment man winter a lthe ideatle bthe idea thcan be week, so the idea got me thinking about all the holiday Chrcan betmas cards I still have to make. I'm further along than I was at thcan be time last year. ;)

card today includes some good unthe ideay of KOTM September. I have not used an image sright nowflake framed after, I could not quthe ideae on how to use them 'til right now. I just love the background makes! It seems almost like a vintage postcard card, especially wthe ideah red sparkles along wthe ideah diamonds. Having made thcan be flower hair using the same photo paper, Angela suggested in which the flower can be a poinsettia if done in red. Thanks, Ang! I kept in which idea in my head, add addthe ideaional petal for fullness, along wthe ideah the idea was the perfect addthe ideaion to thcan be background. I love How shaped poinsettia reflects mid sright nowflake!

Sources: GinaK luxury pure Kraft cards. Red cards SU SR. Unthe ideay Kate in September of the month - when I'm wthe ideah you. Evening black ink keepsake; PSX diamond sparkle. Holiday Chrcan betmas Red guard argue. Stampin "Dimensionals


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