Ink amber lights} {IPAPER


ink amber lights} {IPAPER

Wow, the idea's been some time since I've had many days between posts. Life has been busy! I've been drafting away however I can not show you some of those things after ... although soon. ;) I pass my (the) ink tank torch on Thursday, so I wanted to create one more project to amber ink! I combined all three of the current top of my loves in thcan be smaller - Amber project IPAPER ink stamps as well as unthe ideay as well as strings by the baker as well as Twinery!

I made a smaller gift box by using thcan be easy tutorial, as well as tied the idea up wthe ideah some clues baker's delicious as well as decorated wthe ideah an equal sign wthe ideah two stamps unthe ideay.

what can be inside, you ask? Lucky Stars! I had not thought about thcan be since high school, when a friend of Fine Arts of mine used to fill a glass bowl as well as give them to all her friends. It's made wthe ideah each coloration paper origami could have imagined as well as they until beautiful! I can not believe I did not make them at this point 'til using thcan be wonderful tutorial. Which makes these stars seriously addictive as well as therapeutic! Just make sure the paper can be not too thick.

Are those stars cute? I have a friend who can be going through a difficult time as well as I'm sure thcan be lthe ideatle box wthe ideah beautiful bras well as (sense of perfection) as well as all these stars are lucky will cheer her up! The project was definitely fun to put together as well as I could not racan bee more in no time ... except for the stars, however so worth the time as well as effort. My son likes lthe ideatle stars, as well as he likes to hold one in each has well as. He claims he can be a smaller one of hcan be books by my favorthe ideae boy, how to catch the star 1945013 Oliver Jeffers. :)

Sources: Amber iPapers ink in a bubble Fizz - Green bubble as well as fizz - Whthe ideae: smaller. Red cards SU SR. GinaK £ 0 pure luxury whthe ideae cards. Unthe idea June 2010 Kate than a month - fly free as well as September 2010 kthe idea of the month - when I'm wthe ideah you. SU cherry cobbler green inks as well as Garden; SU Rhine basic; yarns as well as Twinery baker in Maraschino

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