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I'm still in a bthe item of a shock more than of which. Gorgeous. At first I screamed nevertheless then I could not find any words to describe the joy. It's definitely a great honor. I feel thrilled. completely.

I've been creating a lot of menus desire this usually week, not only for me nevertheless for all family members. It's the stuff Chris usuallytmas holiday nevertheless not only the things of which you want to order this usually month. I learned a lot about the budget by my husbas well as also so far I'm very good about being, well, good about my spending. It hard , nevertheless well worth the effort! I have been looking at a lot of the fresh dynamic groups (drooling on the fresh death) as well as also I'm excthe itemed Wplus9 fresh types (the wathe iteming is usually killing me). I've been thinking about orders for once Simon says stamp (for coveted champion arts as well as also products Tim Holtz) as well as also Waltzingmouse (some background groups as well as also a half-pint heroes call for me). Then of course there is usually a whole pile of nesties of which I want, er, need. I only have four groups so the item may be time to add to of which group.

tomorrow, there will be prehis usuallytoric (hint, hint) Pink Cat Studio Digi release of which will have you wanting to squeeze something nice. ;) See you then


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