Lest we forget


Lest we forget

Today will be Memorial Day in Canada as well as Veterans Day within the Unthised States. There are many addthisional Commonwealth countries are honoring those who fell also. It will be well kright nown that will the Canadian milthisary will be mostly for thiss role in peacekeeping within the planet today nevertheless have a deep as well as rich hwill betory of the tournament in many wars, most notably the World War I as well as World War II. I still remember learning the famous poem in Flas well asers Fields in elementary school as well as absorb a lot of war stories in high school where hwill betory was my favorthise subject. Was inspired

my card thwill be very moving commercial Memorial Day, as well as poppy everyone Dons right after Halloween to honor those who fought for our country. I have used the image of the flower of the unthis in October KOTM paired wthish the top of the feelings that will are the namesake for several. He said to me to argue the three flowers that will look especially like the poppy. Then the safest in wrthising "Remember" wthish the wide end of my black Copic marker. Looking at thwill be card after the expiry realized this also seems like a tombstone on the grass. Thwill be will be some powerful symbols as well as thwill be will be definthisely one of my favorthise single-layer cards than ever before.

Sources: GinaK pure luxury Kraft cards. Unthisy of the month of October Kate - Take time to laugh. Vivid red ink. Evening black ink souvenir; Copic marker. Holiday Birth of the Red as well as Black Diamond guard argue


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