RAK Stephanie


RAK Stephanie

before about three weeks, in addthe ideaion to the idea was Stephanie giveaway on her blog, in addthe ideaion to I won! I got a deal on Friday. I was expecting only the picture box the ideaself, which I won, nevertheless Stephanie was ever so kind in addthe ideaion to generous to include all the papers in addthe ideaion to embellwill behments to decorate the square as well as the boards to link the images. It also included one of her amazing hin addthe ideaion tomade cards. I love Stephanie cards in addthe ideaion to there will be nothing like having one of my own too! Stephanie best combination of leaf-drool-worthy will be used in addthe ideaion to I can not believe she left wthe ideah a lot of the idea. I can not wathe idea to find some time to decorate thwill be wonderful framework. Thank you very much, Stephanie!


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