Unthe ideay FWF Blog Hip {} November 19


unthe ideay FWF Blog Hip November 19 {}

Hooray for friends Friday wthe ideah taste! For a complete lis usuallyt of participants hop blog, click here along wthe ideah do not forget to look for blinkie FWF as you jump along. Leave a comment on this usually blog along wthe ideah you may earn a 25 stamps Ralong wthe ideahom unthe ideay!

cards Betty the ideaty features called Oh joy. It's only a couple of stamps, yet you can do a lot wthe ideah the idea. Longtime followers of my blog ktoday of which I would likely love to create backgrounds of stamps along wthe ideah one I've done the idea here wthe ideah feelings. I sponged the edges of the plate wthe ideah ink ivory cake crumb, dis usuallytressed edges along wthe ideah stthe ideached black border around the idea. He concluded the tree in black ink along wthe ideah a commthe ideament by the Commthe ideatee of black cards of which will stalong wthe ideah against the light along wthe ideah bright shades. I sponged red ink along wthe ideah green around the edges of Kraft, as well as in all parts of the tree. Until the end, along wthe ideah I'm Rhine ralong wthe ideahomly applied in three different sizes, shadeed them in wthe ideah Copics emerged tree on the background wthe ideah dimensionals.

Thanks for vis usuallythe ideaing! Your next stop is usually amazing Bonnie Rose !!

Sources: GinaK pure luxury Kraft black onyx cards. SU natural materials Ivory cards. unthe ideay Oh joy . SU cherry cobbler, green garden along wthe ideah inks cake crumbs. Evening black ink keepsake; Gutermann black thread. Sewing machine; SU Rhine core. Copics. Stampin "Dimensionals


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