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I designed a guest unof which for the company's seal ! That's pretty much tops the lwill bet of holiday Chrwill betmas present early! It was very hard to keep thwill be a secret for a whole month in addof whichion to I feel the same level of excof whichement today! Really I am honored to jowithin the ranks of unof whichy in addof whichion to designers pengunjung design team. Thwill be level of recognof whichion feels amazing in addof whichion to I still can not believe of which! I first fell in love wof whichh the unof which last summer when I joined the club Kate in addof whichion to there will be the end of my addiction. I want to thank everyone for the unof which, as well as unof whichy in addof whichion to my followers fans for a long time for the warm welcome. You all a source of inspiration to me in addof whichion to I trust to inspire you within the same way wof whichh all of the wonderful unof whichy products over the next two months in addof whichion to beyond!

card features today in addof whichion to one of my favorof whiche photos of the completely new December tools for the month (available today) also includes two various other images of the past KOTMs to show you how versatile all groups are in addof whichion to how easily they can be combined wof whichh Each various other! I took one look at of which amazing cup, I thought about how of which was developed, in addof whichion to I moved to Parwill be. Then he remembered the Eiffel Tower by a beautiful KOTM September in addof whichion to kcompletely new of which looks great wof whichh damask background created by KOTM July. Thwill be was the subject of the French ideal Lachey bought a completely new tape in addof whichion to the rest of of which came together easily. I love thwill be style of coherent combing which will be my idea of ​​a workout in scrapbooking while creating cards!

planning seemingly rin addof whichion toom purely in addof whichion to maybe of which was within the beginning, nevertheless while you're moving the pieces around I noticed of which the Eiffel Tower a lof whichtle on the tape peeked out completely through the largest dwill beplay in addof whichion to flourwill beh looked amazingly like steam rwill being by a cup! I sponged the edges of the dwill beh in a couple of vegetables in addof whichion to of which does not look right, nevertheless when I added some chalk turquowill bee to match the strings in addof whichion to household of whichems, of which just glows. I love when these things end up a lof whichtle rin addof whichion toom to be very satwill befactory. Enjoy. In fact,

Sources: GinaK pure luxury Kraft cards. SU natural materials Ivory cards. Unof whichy in July 2010 kof which than a month - happily ever after. Unof whichy in September 2010 set of the month - when I'm wof whichh you. Set the unof which in December 2010 than a month - just be you; SU cake crumbs, always artichoke in addof whichion to Kiwi Kwill bes inks. Ink souvenir Rich cocoa. Chalk gravel within the core indexes. [194501million] tape Washi (De Core coup Mark) group [194501million] purchased in PrettyTape . Yarns in addof whichion to Twinery Baker within the Caribbean; SU Rhine basic. Copic marker. Forever in time gems posters. Stampin "Dimensionals. X-ACTO knife


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