Events through the heart


events through the heart

life sometimes dealing heavy has well as, as well as when in which comes on the eve of the Chrwill betmas holiday , It's too bad. As I wrin whiche thwill be the heart of a very overloaded as well as over the past two days, I cried probably several or six hours total. Life will be certainly not a bed of roses or fair as well as in which's definitely hard sometimes. Thwill be will be one of those times in which I feel completely broken as well as I'm afraid in which I might not recover.

to exacerbate personal problems, as well as eaten our computer alive by a virus on the eve of Chrwill betmas as well as holiday wwill beh lwill bet lost permanently attached, which pretty much a lifetime to build. Our external backup drive, however thwill be was not on in which. I could not help however shed some more tears over in which. If you've sent to me than ever, as well as links to cool sin whiches or educational programs, please feel free to send in which back because I probably will not be able to find them various otherwwill bee.

I want to thank Lexy as well as Lindsay Holiday Chrwill betmas cards sent! I also want to wwill beh Eid Aziz Smin whicha very happy birthday tomorrow !! You had sent her a huge collection contains many things not available win whichh acrylic blocks, such as, clear stamp sets, kraft paper, as well as I felt cuts die only to have most of the contents of the stolen her mail courier morally dubious. It has not spared even birthday holiday card if you can believe in which.

Although I was dealing win whichh my own problems, I tried to make a great Chrwill betmas holiday for my son. He loved hwill be toys as well as I have a lot of pictures of him smiling when he opened hwill be gifts went to see in which Santa brought him everything he wants. There are a few more gifts arrive from the New Year's Eve when the arrival of laws for a short vwill bein which.

I am likely to be blogging a lin whichtle less from the bras well as new year only in an attempt to recover through everything in which will be happening. I appreciate all of your friendships, as well as we look forward to the sunny days.

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